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One Of the Malaysian big bikes Builder, We do all custom bike with Engineering & Art.
Street Draggers Cycle offers a wide variety of services primarily focused on hand made customized big bikes. We also provide full maintenance services for all models & high cubic capacity motorcycle.
Street Draggers Cycle is registered as an enterprise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is privately owned by draggerscycle members. Operations commenced with service & repair of big motorcycle in April 1998 near Batu Caves, Selayang . In August 2003, the company moved to a new place in Desa Melawati.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Carlos Custom Sporster

Carlos Custom Sportster

This year we bring to you the new year custom bike that just been done for a few week ago. A major job that been done to this bike, such a new frame, new triple three and lot more that been done. We doing this from "zero to hero". This project has been made for a few year due to problem that we can't avoid.

Costing of this bike is about Rm32k++. That is not include the engine. This frame is a rigid frame. Easy to handle and comfort for riding. The engine that we used is HD Sportster 883. 70% of this bike is made by hand. Detail and wiring re-assemble by Jake from Street Dragger Cycle. Detail of this bike as below:

Spec Sheet
Owner : Carlos
Shop : Street Draggers Cycle
Website :

Year/Make/Model Frame
Fabrication : Street Draggers Cycle Type : Rigid
Assembly : Street Draggers Cycle Length : 66” (168mm)
Build Time : 3 month

Engine Front : HD
Rear : Rigid
Triple Trees : Wide angle 11” (28mm)
Engine Type : HD sportster

Capacity : 883cc
Gearbox : HD Final Drive : Chain
Carburetor : S&S
Air Cleaner : S&S Teardrop
Exhaust : Custom Made By

Street Draggers Cycle
Front Tire : 130/90/16”Bridgestone Exedra
Rear Tire :180/80/16”Brigdestone Exedra
Front Wheel : 40 Spoke Rim (Original HD)
Rear Wheel : 40 Spoke Rim (Original HD)
Front Brake : Single Caliper (Original HD)
Rear Brake : Original HD

Frame : colour-Black Wrinkle
Front Fender: Solid Black
Rear Fender : Solid Black
Gas Tank : Airbrush By Taymen AirBrushing
Oil Tank : Black Wrinkle

Front Fender: Street Draggers Cycle
Rear Fender : Street Draggers Cycle
Gas Tank : Custom By Street Draggers Cycle
HandleBars : Ape Hanger 14” by Street Draggers Cycle
Riser : Custom Chrome
HandControl: Custom Chrome
FootControl : Custom Chrome
Head Light : Custom Chrome
Tail Light : Custom Chrome
Seat : Street Draggers Cycle
LicenseMount : Street Draggers Cycle

All of this is idea from the owner self and other by Jake itself. Picture of the rest you can see on the slide show. Enjoy it~!.


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nice bike...!!

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good job..

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