street draggers cycle

street draggers cycle
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One Of the Malaysian big bikes Builder, We do all custom bike with Engineering & Art.
Street Draggers Cycle offers a wide variety of services primarily focused on hand made customized big bikes. We also provide full maintenance services for all models & high cubic capacity motorcycle.
Street Draggers Cycle is registered as an enterprise in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is privately owned by draggerscycle members. Operations commenced with service & repair of big motorcycle in April 1998 near Batu Caves, Selayang . In August 2003, the company moved to a new place in Desa Melawati.
Please fell free to contact us if you need further clarifications :- Tel No.+6034147 3354 Hp. No.+6019 6494209 Email: or

Friday, July 3, 2009

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Carlos Custom Sporster

Carlos Custom Sportster

This year we bring to you the new year custom bike that just been done for a few week ago. A major job that been done to this bike, such a new frame, new triple three and lot more that been done. We doing this from "zero to hero". This project has been made for a few year due to problem that we can't avoid.

Costing of this bike is about Rm32k++. That is not include the engine. This frame is a rigid frame. Easy to handle and comfort for riding. The engine that we used is HD Sportster 883. 70% of this bike is made by hand. Detail and wiring re-assemble by Jake from Street Dragger Cycle. Detail of this bike as below:

Spec Sheet
Owner : Carlos
Shop : Street Draggers Cycle
Website :

Year/Make/Model Frame
Fabrication : Street Draggers Cycle Type : Rigid
Assembly : Street Draggers Cycle Length : 66” (168mm)
Build Time : 3 month

Engine Front : HD
Rear : Rigid
Triple Trees : Wide angle 11” (28mm)
Engine Type : HD sportster

Capacity : 883cc
Gearbox : HD Final Drive : Chain
Carburetor : S&S
Air Cleaner : S&S Teardrop
Exhaust : Custom Made By

Street Draggers Cycle
Front Tire : 130/90/16”Bridgestone Exedra
Rear Tire :180/80/16”Brigdestone Exedra
Front Wheel : 40 Spoke Rim (Original HD)
Rear Wheel : 40 Spoke Rim (Original HD)
Front Brake : Single Caliper (Original HD)
Rear Brake : Original HD

Frame : colour-Black Wrinkle
Front Fender: Solid Black
Rear Fender : Solid Black
Gas Tank : Airbrush By Taymen AirBrushing
Oil Tank : Black Wrinkle

Front Fender: Street Draggers Cycle
Rear Fender : Street Draggers Cycle
Gas Tank : Custom By Street Draggers Cycle
HandleBars : Ape Hanger 14” by Street Draggers Cycle
Riser : Custom Chrome
HandControl: Custom Chrome
FootControl : Custom Chrome
Head Light : Custom Chrome
Tail Light : Custom Chrome
Seat : Street Draggers Cycle
LicenseMount : Street Draggers Cycle

All of this is idea from the owner self and other by Jake itself. Picture of the rest you can see on the slide show. Enjoy it~!.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Project Coming Up Soon

2009 Project In Progress

This is blog is way from updated. Begin this year we try bring to you the latest design for the past a few year. For your satisfaction enjoy tha latest pic that we bring it to you. Please comfort us with your comment that can bring us more satisfaction and idea. Enjoy it.